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Updated: January 18, 2013

What would you say if I told you that the girl featured in the photo above is a professional fashion model? That she is working with worldwide fashion trends and that she is considered as the next Irina Shayk? I’m prety sure that considering her look, you wouldn’t get shocked by that.

Yet, what if I told you she is an ambitious software engineering student, who, despite her obvious beauty, is one of the most easy going and easy to approach women you could ever meet?

Unlike the type of distant sex symbol that use to be featured in blogs this one, Valeriya is nothing less than a next door girl who happens to be more beautiful than any neighbor you may ever had in your life.

Very friendly, pleasant and easy-going, this lady can make you hate all the snobbish-style beautiful women you know, just because they can’t be like her.

Valeriya is a girl who dares to answer spontaneously any question, generously giving you one of her seductibe smiles and does not hesitate to put her angel-like appearance aside to be funny, or even give you answers that are able to disarm you and make you feel stupid for having thought that you were able to put her in difficult position by asking a couple of “difficult questions”.


That’s exactly what happened when, in my question regarding her favorite electric device, she innocently answered her tamogotchi, a cute little game where you feed and take care of your virtual bunny or pet or whatever”.

Actually, I was surprised when I realized that when talking about her record playing that game, she feels as proud as I feel recalling my best videogames performances: My own pet is called “Cookie. It’s been alive for like 3 years! Don’t laught at me, it’s a cute little game I’ve had forever!”


Get to know her:

Valeriya proves that some ladies have the courage to choose the hard way, as, instead of picking a career as a model or in showbiz, she preferred to use her mind and chase a career in the much more demanding and difficult world of software engineering:

I have thought about modeling, but it is definitely not my top concern. I’m working on my degree and hussling every single day and modeling is just really not something I am too involved in, but maybe one day!”, she says and smiles, to make me realize that she is absolutely conscious about her dreams and ambitions.


My dream job would be to be a great computer software engineer, as well as have some kind of charity on the side where I would be able to help abused dogs, cats and other animals”, she says, with kindness. The truth is that I tried to imagine her in a dark room full of computers and stacks of programming books, but, it didn’t take me more than a few moments to realize that this girl is much more than just a PC nerd. Behind her sensitivity and her love for software programming, there is a dynamic young woman who has already set priorities in her life:

I’m a woman who cares about her career. Im working on achieving my degree, and getting a great stable job, getting my own place, having a bugatti (who said a female software engineer can’t be a tough one??), and then i will worry about starting a family. I myself didn’t have a great childhood at first, so if i ever start a family i want to make sure i can provide everything that they need and want, but until then, you just gotta hustle hustle hustle! haha you gotta do what you gotta do!”

Speaking of work, I couldn’t avoid asking her whether her breathtaking beauty is a tool she uses to make things happen, when needed: “ I believe in confidence”, she answered, full of… confidence, “It truly doesn’t matter how you look, if you are confident in yourself, if you love yourself and believe in the things you can achieve, you will be successful in your professional life”.

Of course, those word sound great, but it’s easy to say things like that when you are such a beautiful women, right?, Well, Valeriya insists: “I have never gone into ,for example, a job interview, and had only relied on the way I looked that day. There are so many more things to take into account when going into a situation like that, for example, being educated, professional and kind. Looks can only get you so far and I am a strong believer of being an independent, smart, and confident woman.”


And, in case you wonder what is the source of her dynamism and maturity, the answer is as simple as that: “I am Russian! I was born in Ukraine and moved to the US when i was around 10 years old! The name “Valeriya” is popular in Europe and nn Mexico haha and it means ‘strong’”.


Talking more personally:

Of course, there is no special recipe to make such a special girl give you a chance, however, to dare to approach her would be a first step:

I think I am a very easily approachable person. If you are respectful, kind and considerate, come up and say hi. As much effort as a person will put into the conversation, I will put back. It really is just a 50 50 effort! I have made plenty of male and female friends with them just coming up to me and to say hello!

Regarding the features you need to demonstrate to make her like you, taking her own words into consideration, I think her requirements are not so.. crazy:

Nobody’s perfect! the world is an imperfect place haha! But there are some qualities I do love in a person, for example a great sense of humor, someone i could easily get along with, and be weird with! A person who cares about others, has a good work ethic, and of course is kind to his mom!“

In case you wonder “why did he mention that thing about my mom, Valeriya explains that: ”You can always see how a man is by his relationship with his mother, trust me I’ve seen this one too many times!”


Well, those of you who are able to prove her you love your mummy, ask her out, what are you waiting for? Looking for the perfect place for a very first date? Once more, Valeriya demonstrates simplicity, asking for something easy and beautiful: “Hmm, okay let me think. Probably a dinner or a picnic on the beach, or somewhere with a view! And the person I’m with makes the food themselves, some sandwiches or bring some fruits. That sounds super exciting and thoughtful to me!”

Of course, my advice to you is to not forget offer her some of her favorite drink, which, wasn’t so easy for me to know what it is: “I don’t know, that would probably depend on the day, or what im doing that day! I love tea, I’m from Ukraine and in Europe people drink tea from such early ages. I remember drinking tea when i was 5! So most likely a cup of tea. I also love water! It’s also important to stay hydrated. Or you mean alcoholic? haha oh my goodness, okay probably a glass of wine!”

Regarding her personal life, always faithful to the dynamic approach to life and vertically opposed to any kind of passive attitudes, she refuses to sit back stoically expecting the knight to come on the white horse. Instead of that, she prefers to get her life in her hands: I dont think we should “wait” for the perfect person to come. I truly believe in individualism. Take care of all the things you gotta do first.”, she says.


Love yourself first and truly find comfort and joy in being with your own company, and be happy with being alone first. that is so important to me! I love going to the mall by myself or going to downtown and just enjoying being with myself. Also, in my free time I love to paint and draw. Im currently working on this huge painting of a jack Daniels bottle, haha, its taking a while, but it is coming! I also love to go to the beach and go surf, as well as sun bathe! I also love discovering new music and read books.

No, she isn’t anti social, not at all. I’d rather say that she has her very own and honestly, very mature life philosophy: “We are always surrounded by other people, or friends and family and we tend to hear opinions and thoughts that come from others, but never really think about our own ideas and opinions. So i love alone time. It just feels good to reflect for some time. But i dont mean be alone all the time and isolate yourself. it’s great to be around others that share positive vibes and good energy.”

That sounds nice, but, what about love?

When the right person comes, then they will come. No need to look. The moment you stop looking, and start taking care of yourself, everything will fall into place. So i guess what i am trying to say is, how are you going to love someone if you cant even love yourself?“

What do you think? I guess she is absolutely right, isn’t she?

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